Conditions générales

CowCareCompanion™ is a advisory tool for systematic animal health work. The tool is developed by Växa Sverige and is based on many years of experience in cattle.The tool is intended to serve as a guide on how to improve animal health at herd level.

Every dairy herd is unique. For the tool to function optimally, the work should be adapted to the specific animal health challenges in the herd. It is also desirable that work with CowCareCompanion is carried out in dialogue with an adviser.

The owner of the herd or his/hers representative is responsible for care of the herd and any measures implemented. Växa Sverige disclaims all responsibility for advice that has arisen with help from CowCareCompanion.


This is how we handle personal data according to GDPR

We need certain information about you and your production in order to deliver services and tools with a high level of user friendliness and relevance. Växa is the personal data controller, which means that we handle and store personal data about those who use our services and tools. By registering as a user in CowCareCompanion™ and accepting our terms of use, you consent to us collecting and managing this information.

The data is used for Växa's legitimate interest in internal control and for the development of our services and tools as well as to produce aggregate statistics. Personal data is used in this way to the extent that it does not exceed the data subject's rights.

The data is kept for as long as you are a user of our services and tools. All information is saved in an orderly condition and in a reassuring manner. In some cases, legislation other than the personal data legislation may require that data remain with us for a longer period of time, for example if the official assignments regarding animal health and infection control so require.